We are so happy for our new owners and their recent home purchases!

Have you stayed in one of our properties in the past and wondered how much a property would cost to buy?

Do you have property you are interested in listing?

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Our recent sales are listed below from 2017 to 2019:

  • Mariners Walk 10F              (Listing Agent)                    $580,000
  • Port O Call E302                 (Buyers Agent)                    $390,000
  • Port O Call E303                 (Listing Agent)                    $410,000
  • Lagoon Villa 22                   (Listing Agent)                    $390,000
  • Yacht Harbor Court 404      (Buyers Agent)                  $525,000
  • 2017 S. Smokerise Way     (Buyers Agent)                   $325,000
  • Port O Call D301                (Buyers Agent)                   $463,333
  • Lagoon Villa 25                   (Listing Agent)                  $395,000